Observation / February 6, 2016

Hello again. I’m going to start writing again. Currently in Kentucky, a place I never imagined I’d visit. In the next coming months, I plan on buying a few new cameras, scanning film (up to 20 rolls that I’ve been holding on to over the years), shopping my portfolio in Japan, and visiting Cuba. All of which I will use this platform to document. 

Not at all relevant, but I’m currently working in Kentucky for the next couple of months, and today I went to a small town called Midway for lunch.


I really just wanted to shoot, since I haven’t shot candidly in a few months. I walked into a restaurant that looked totally out of place, and had the best mashed potatoes and fried chicken I’ve probably ever had in my life. The End.

… I was going to write some stuff about judging a book by its cover, yadduh yadduh yadduh, but I’ll just place a (overexposed) picture here instead.





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