Bruce Gilden’s Take it or Leave it
Uncategorized / November 15, 2014

Vice┬áhas a series where they have photographer Bruce Gilden judge photographs submitted by other photographers. I used the word photographer twice in that last sentence. I found the video interesting. It’s nice to see someone deliver an honest opinion. Bruce Gilden has very unique style that is very often imitated by other street photographers. He gets up close and he uses a flash. I remember one of the first times I went out shooting street photography with a couple of other people in Tokyo. I was shooting with either a 7D or a 50D and a really slow lens. One of the other guys, a rich kid, was using a Leica and a flash. Now that think about it. That kid was an asshole. He was some embassy rich kid, who never worked and was constantly laughing at my gear. He’d been shooting for a while, but never offered advice, or anything. Anyways, I’m getting off topic. We shot in the streets, mostly in Ginza and Shibuya, and I hung out with them, but really had no idea what the hell was happening. I hadn’t really developed my own style or even a purpose for being out there, and so I just tried to do what they did even though shooting random people on the street with a flash without asking made me a bit uncomfortable. Some of the pictures were alright, but nothing great. Watch the video.


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