Contact sheets documentary snippet, narrated by William Klein
Uncategorized / November 15, 2014

I wanted to entitle this post, “Inspiration: William Klein” but felt as though it wouldn’t be fair, since I’m not very familiar with his work. Not to the point where I feel justified in placing that title on this post at least. I really wanted to draw your attention to this video, which is narrated by William Klein. If this isn’t the very definition of cool, then I really don’t know what is. The pictures are great, and the narration is honest and poetic. It’s beautiful really. I’ve watched this video multiple times. If I ever do videos on YouTube, I would want them to be something like this. A contact sheet, and the story of the frames on them.

Eric Kim, who is a very good photographer and an inspiration to me, has a very nicely written article on William Klein which can be seen here. More of William Klein’s work can be seen here. Enjoy the video.


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