Trip: Goto Islands – Narushima
Epson R-D1, Fujifilm, X-Pro1 / October 25, 2014

Continuing with my theme of traveling on a budget, I decided to travel to another nearby island called Narushima last weekend. My host mother was visiting, so it was perfect timing and a good opportunity to show her one of the islands that she hasn’t seen yet. Like the other islands, Narushima is also known for its churches, and beautiful scenery. We spent the day there, but I didn’t definitely did not do the island justice with the pictures that I took.

When I go out, I leave my house with my X-Pro1 and my Epson. No filters, no backpack full of lenses, no tripod, shit I sometimes forget my lens cloth. This time I regretted it, as the landscape was much more beautiful than I had anticipated, and the use of my tripod and other equipment, would have been great.

Outside of that, nothing too special happened on the island. There was a national tug-of-war competition taking place while we were visiting, and an obaasan ran up to me to take a picture with me without asking, which is always fun. I’m definitely going to go back and next time I’ll be more prepared.

I threw a few random pictures into the gallery. Of the 0 people reading my blog, how many of you can tell which was taken with the Epson?


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