Double Exposures Project – The traveling Contax RX
Uncategorized / January 25, 2015

The above picture is a double exposure made from a picture I took of a man fixing his roof, and another of the Japanese Alps. If you search the hashtag #roofninja, you can see a few others that I made using the same photo.

In my closet, I have a wonderful Contax RX with a 45mm pancake lens on it. It is a wonderful camera, but I have a tendency to use my G2 when shooting 35mm so consequently this camera has not been used in a very long time.


The camera itself isn’t very expensive, and I don’t like selling equipment, so I’ve decided to send it around the world for a double exposure project. Basically, I’ll load it with a roll. Shoot the roll, reload the same roll back into the camera and send it off to someone to shoot exposures on the same roll. The result will be two exposures on each frame. One from me, and one from someone else. Simple. I want to do this with multiple people, so the camera will make trips all over hopefully. If it sounds interesting to you, and you would like to do it, let me know.

I will not tell the other person what I’ve shot on any of the frames. I will only tell them what the exposure compensation was. And I’ve already found a willing participant. She is a very talented artist who writes and paints and her work can be seen here. She has actually used some of my work for a set of paintings which can be seen on her blog, and I will be adding a post about the paintings in the near future.

The photos from these projects may take some time to develop and scan, so I ask for your patience in seeing the results. I’m very excited about this, and I’m looking forward to working with other people on the project.



Bogdan Mukha
4 years ago · Reply

Really interesting idea. Would like to participate


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