Dream Entry #1
Uncategorized / March 5, 2015

Last night, I had a really strange dream. I was with a large group of people, maybe 9 or so all around the same age as myself, and we were walking towards a grocery store. We were all clearly good friends and it was nighttime, very dark out. We went into the grocery store, we all stood by a different register (I was at the third one I think), and then we robbed the place. A grocery store. We didn’t have any guns. We all had weapons that looked like shavers, but they shot like guns, and they were holding it up to peoples’ necks. My friends in the first two aisles were getting nervous, so I went over to where they were and yelled at the cashiers to hurry up. This dream was strange, because the setting was very futuristic. Both the customers and the cashiers were very cooperative, but it ended up taking us a really long time to get all of the money from them. We were there for a specific reason, because we also took food, and some weird tickets/certificates that were at the bottom of the cash register. I have no idea what it was.

After we got all of the money, we handed off to one of our members (who looked like Amy Schumer), and she headed out ahead of us. I have no idea why, but I specifically remember that we took $600,000 ┬áin total that we were going to split up between us later on. When leaving the store, I remember being happy about paying off a lot of things, and using the money to make a few investments. Funny, all of those things were actual real-life concerns, and not made up. We reached the hideout, which was a really old and dirty abandoned house that swayed when the wind blew. I didn’t like the place, so I didn’t want to stay long, but there were spiders by the door when I tried to leave (I don’t like spiders), so I sat back down. We all celebrated and divided the booty. One of the members a girl, pulled out what I can only describe as a cell phone-esque device, but it was very close to her eyes. I mean there were two very, very, very small screens that floated directly in front of her eyes. Imagine a really small screen that’s almost touching your pupils. The device also had a 3-D projector that projected what she was looking at over her head, so we could also see what she was seeing. She was playing a video game. For some reason we were all mesmerized. I remember thinking to myself, “that has to be bad for her eyes.”



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